Friday, June 7, 2013

The balance of motherhood and a good book

So, the first year with the kiddo has been fabulous! I could never have imagined how wonderful being a parent would be. I also never could have imagined that my love of books would not just suffer because of it but come to a screeching halt. Ha! However, I would not take one second away from my son to give to my books. I have missed them though. Life is now getting into a regular rhythm and one that involves some book reading time again. I was so ashamed when I logged into my book review accounts to see that it had been a looooong time since I had reviewed a book. Well, I'm back in the game now. I have taken my son's nap time today (a coveted time to do whatever is most pressing for the day be it laundry, cleaning, work, reading time, etc.) to update my book catalog on Goodreads. I've got plenty of books that have back-logged on my shelves for the last few months. I may not have time to read them but I can sure keep buying them. You can never have too many books! Look for a review coming your way soon!

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