Friday, June 17, 2011

Web Finds

I've got two fun web sites to share with you. The first is Goodreads. I have the link for it in my Links sidebar to the right. This is a site like Virtual Bookshelf if you are familiar with that. You can add any and all books you have read, are currently reading, or are on your to-be-read list. You can also rate them and review them. You can search for other books and see what others have to say about them as well as follow friends and their recommendations. It's a pretty good site. I am in the process of adding to my online shelf but I've just started so it will be a while until I'm up to speed but it's lots of fun!

The other website is Blogging for Books. I found this by reading an Amazon review of a book and the reviewer said they got the book through the blogging for books program with Waterbrook Multnomah publishing - a Christian publisher. If you have a blog, you can sign up to receive free books as long as you post a review about them. How awesome is that! The website for this is

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  1. Checking out the second website and it seems pretty cool. I really do enjoy to read, but I hate to spend the money if I don't know that I am going to LOVE, I am excited for all of these reviews that are right at my fingertips, not quite sure why I didn't search them out before. Thank you!